ochutnávková pivnice


A long time coming,  Ochutnávková pivnice  is likely the best pivnice (beer pub) in all of Brno. By this, I mean straight up beer pub with an extreme focus on the quality and selection of beers on tap. If Ochutnávková pivnice looks a little rough around the edges to you,  you’re missing  the point. This is a place to meet up with friends and try some of your favorite beers as well as a bunch of other beers you’ve likely never sampled before. It offers no sleek urban minimal feel, no gimmicky atmosphere or even the aesthetic of the all too common solid wood interiors that so many Czech beer pubs embrace.  It’s clean, non-smoking and the service is exceptional.  Overall, the concept is simple, a rotating, strong selection of seven or eight domestic and foreign beers, with Primátor 11° and 12° (unfiltered) as the stable options. The beer offering is further legitimized by tip top storage of beer, care for tap infrastructure and serious skills behind the tap. There is so much more I could say about the place but you should really just go and check it out for yourself. Pop by their website to see what’s on offer, unlike many other places, they do a great job of keeping the current offering accurate and online.


Doesn’t look like much from the front.


A shot of the taps.


The boss, near legendary brew guru, tap jockey and all around good guy, Lukáš “Elf” Provazník.

Ochutnávková pivnice

Lidická 10 Brno – střed

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 15:00-24:00

Saturday to Sunday – 16:00-24:00 (during summer holidays opens at 17:00)

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